Algarve event planners are acclaimed for delivering luxury parties to the south of Portugal. Will aim to make your vision come to life turning your imaginations to reality, transforming a villa in to a night club venue or hotel to a full Bond theme, nothings too complicated.
We are recognised as Algarve’s best event planners with the creativity and vision to deliver extraordinary and amazing parties that bring your concept to life. From a christening to a 50th Birthday party there are no limits to what we can do. Each event is meticulously planned from venue choice to décor we provide a full hands on service in order to make your event truly spectacular
Themes and tastes are taken in to account, producing one of a kind event driven by innovation and attention to detail. If you are struggling for a theme we can help we have many ideas and concepts that can work with your event. Once decided with the event concept we bring your vision to life. Our dedicated team of professionals are able to create the most extravagant designs using a variety of fabrics, flowers, props and furniture. Our design experience from enables us to deliver a party which is entirely unique and different.



Introducing our lighting and production to your event further ads to the ambience and impact your event will have with your guests. The impact of lighting can create the world of a difference to your event, which is why it’s such a vital and important aspect of our design service. Our industry standard sound and lighting equipment and talented engineers enable us to create an awe-inspiring event with genuine sensory party experience. Our trained team of engineers are able to demonstrate exactly how we would implement every bit of equipment to your venue so that you fully understand the effects it will create, and provides you with a vision of what your event will look like.
All our furniture is fully customizable to meet your requirements. From small to large and any colour to match your theme we have it all. Chose from our range cocktail bars to create the perfect welcome to your event. Sparking up conversations and warming everyone up for the night a head. We offer a large array of tables and chairs and even LED furniture, which really stands out when the night gets dark. We even have all the little extras, from sofas adding comfort to your event and poseur tables along with bar stools adding a touch of class by the bar.
We work along side all forms of entertainers, from live singers and bands to DJ’s and celebrities, we are able to meet all requirements in order to seamlessly incorporate each act to your event. Every part of your entertainment is thought out by our planners, coming up with ideas in which we are able to create the perfect atmosphere using all our production elements.
Our skills and experience in the industry has enabled us to completely transform any venue or event space. Your guests are able to enter a whole new world as they walk around with bespoke props, draping, furniture and features making any event we deliver a memorable, unique and always one of a kind. Every element is bespoke to your event and custom made. From the stage to the dance floor to the furniture we meticulously insure your event is one of a kind.
We have had the privilege to work amongst some one London’s most exclusive venues. From private members clubs to stately homes we have developed our skills and knowledge giving a truly amazing party every time. Our planning process is simple and straightforward. We meet personally with all our clients, visiting their chosen venue and discussing all the key elements they would like for their event. Then its up to us working with our dedicated vendors and suppliers, to make your desired event a success.



Maybe you don't have the time or all the knowledge to be able to do everything yourself. At Algarve event planners take the stress away from planning an event. Out team ware able to allocate you with a professional and experienced party planner with the knowledge and skills to make your dream event a reality. During the planning process we listen to your ideas and requests communicating with vendors venues and suppliers to make event a true success, you will always be in full communication with someone who's completely up to speed and can trust that our team will always deliver what is agreed. We take pressure off from planning an event, so you can enjoy the process a whole lot more allowing you to relax, as our expertise in events will enable you create your desired event.
This is a very common question. Planning and designing an event is no easy task and is very stressful – But it doesn’t need to be. Our dedicated team can help make your dream event come to life. Assisting with venues, schedules, design and budgets, our fee is dependent to our involvement and intricacy of your event. We do not price ourselves on a flat fee, as no two events are the same. We design each event individually meeting with clients venues and vendors. Our fees simple and are greed at the beginning of the planning process, then its up to us to make your special day happen.
As we are not just an event planning service and own in-house all the required production elements for your event, allowing us to provide all documents and safety documentation to any venue and organisation.
As a registered company we have up to date insurance documents including employers insurance and public liability insurance up to €10m. All our equipment is highly maintained and inspected with PAT Test certificates ensuring they pass all the latest electrical and safety standards.
Our in house production team can best advise how to create the most effective atmosphere for your event. Using the latest lighting equipment on the market we can provide the full visual element to make your event stand out. Subtle colourful up lighting will allow your venue to glow in any colour when dark, whilst festival grade moving heads can produced a dynamic range of effects creating movement and colour round the room. Our custom staging system is able to be set up in any shape and colour adding an attractive feature for tour entertainment. All together with our high quality sound system insuring every sound is heard and projected correctly we are sure to be able to make your event unique and truly memorable
Celebrating and being entertained with your guests is the point to having a party. Our team has a portfolio of top acts, artists, musicians and entertainers. From world class DJs to magicians we only provide the best in the industry. We have worked with various acts and can advise and recommend which to chose to make your event truly unforgettable. We are also able to provide all the vital production equipment your act, band or performance that they may require from microphones to specific lighting requests and DJ gear.
When planning your party its important to take into consideration what your theme will be. Theming can be as simple as choosing a colour allowing a flow of the venue improving the aesthetics and adding to the excitement of the party.
We strive to have every detail from lighting to props relating to your theme. Invitations, decorations and food are another ways you can incorporate your theme your event. Choosing the right theme can bringing together your event, we can assist by brainstorming and planning all these details with you, making your event more unique and memorable. The theme chosen is also important as it reflects the atmosphere you are trying to enhance form a playful and fun setting, to an elegant and formal setting.
Absolutely! Our job is to make you relaxed on your day. Our team will be on site liaising with all suppliers and vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly. We are calm flexible and always at hand if there are an issues on the day.
With over 20 years experience in the industry and being involved in hundreds of events, we like to say there is very little that we cant do or make happen. If you dream of it we will try our very best to make it a reality and insuring every event is individual and unique. There are elements in the planning process we would like to make clear that we do not include in our services. External services including catering and pre-post production such as photography and film we do not include in our planning service. Such elements we can advise and recommend but unfortunately do not book or supply to your event.
Algarve Event Planners treat every event with upmost importance insuring every event is special and unique. We have an experienced team providing innovative ideas on decoration, seating entertainment and production. We want the best for you and more importantly for you to enjoy your day. Every detail is discussed and planned insuring your dream event will come to life. We are always available if you have any queries or ideas and will work along side you every step until your special day.
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