Algarve Event Planners is your local one stop rental company for all wedding equipment and event production requirements. Having served & worked in the wedding industry for over 18 years we decided to open a branch in the heart of Portugal, the Algarve.

With a faultless reputation in the wedding and events industry along with a proven track record we offer all our clients a high end, premium service at an affordable cost for the services provided. This is only possible because we own all the sound, lighting, LED bars, wedding furniture and dance floors ourselves which is stocked inhouse, this sets us apart from most event productions companies.


The first thing to understand is that we are an event production / equipment hire company & not just an ”event planner” …. below you will find a short statement about our company along with the normal top 5 questions we get asked.
We have over 20+ years knowledge in the event planning & production world. We have grown rapidly in the UK over a 17-year period before being approached by another events company with an offer to buy us out in the UK. This deal came at the right time as we had been looking at moving our production overseas for some years up to that point so everything fell into place very quickly (you can’t beat the weather in Portugal!).
We are deadline orientated, budget conscious and offer a hassle free personalized touch to every event making it truly unique & tailored to your needs. Our team of seven operate very efficiently from the planning stage with your basic idea through to consultation, we listen to what you’re looking to achieve and fulfill this to perfection.
From locating a venue suitable to your event to developing the decor for your desired atmosphere, we can coordinate the external suppliers such as the caterers, live music acts, transport and in the case of weddings making sure all of your marriage registrar paper work is handled.
Algarve Event Planners executes a seamless and hassle-free event every time- you only need to read our reviews, check out our past history to see we were the UK’s & now one of Portugal’s number one luxury event production companies.


Not everyone is looking to use our full ''turn key'' event production service. No problem! We work alongside and support many wedding planners, local sound & lighting hire companies and other venues based in Portugal where we supply a host the equipment for the in-house corporate events all year-round. Our equipment is of the highest of standards, there are maybe three sound & lighting rental companies in the whole of Portugal who stock this type of equipment & we are one of the biggest. You might ask why does this matter? Well there is a reason why high end professional equipment costs a lot to buy, it's because you are buying into a brand with a proven track record in the events industry, while also delivering an exceptional sound or look in the case of lighting effects.
Perhaps you are having a hen or stag party in the Algarve & looking for an impressive yet cost effective sound/lighting solution for your guests? Well we can help with that. Or it’s your birthday and you are looking to have family / friends over but need to dazzle them with some ambient mood lighting, LED screens, or a white dance floor – not a problem we can assist with these intimate set ups. Delivery is included with setup and de rigging so you don’t have to worry about driving with a hangover the next day!
Of course, you may also want a sound, AV or lighting technician onsite to operate the equipment you have hired which again isn’t a problem. As a premium production company, we pride ourselves on modern, clean and reliable equipment, for us there is no other option. We also stock a lot of our d&b Audiotechnik loudspeakers in ”flat white” allowing us to create that finished modern look when required.

If you want a company who can deliver on the quality of sound / lighting for your special occasion but at a reasonable, affordable cost then you have come to the right place – The Algarve Event Planners.



We get asked this a lot – what equipment do you stock and what services can you provide? – Well we thought it would be easier if we split this down into the top 10 most asked questions so here we go.

We started working in the wedding industry around 20 years ago working alongside other production companies and learning our trade. Within 18 months we saw that although the level of service being supplied at the time was good, a lot of these companies missed vital points and it was always the finishing detail(s) that let them down. Within 2 years we setup our own wedding and events business in the UK and within 5 years opened up three hire shops across the north, south and west. Fast forward 10 years and we had grown to be one of the most prestigious wedding and events hire companies in these areas.
So how did we end up in the gorgeous area we all call the Algarve?
Well we were flown out as a client of ours was getting married in the Algarve & at the time couldn’t find a wedding supplier / production company that would meet the tight deadlines (we had 9 weeks to plan and produce the wedding) but more than that they couldn’t find a hire company in the Algarve that supplied everything they needed – Things like the furniture, the large white LED starlit dance floor, LED bars, tables, custom drape, lighting and matching white PA sound system the list goes on but we are talking about 5,000kg of production equipment.
This came to us as a bit of a surprise as Portugal & especially the Algarve is so popular with couples from the UK flying over to have their wedding in the Algarve sun it seemed crazy that you couldn’t easily find a local event production company! Until now……… We saw the gap in the market and within 14 months of that wedding we had opened up our first hire company in Portugal = Algarve Event Planners
We are based in the heart of the Algarve just 10 minutes from Portugal's famous Vilamoura Marina. We work & cover the whole of Portugal but 80% of our client base and corporate shows are based within 50 miles radius of Faro.
Ok this is a very common question we get asked all the time but it’s going to take a little time to explain so you can understand just what we can do & the level we of detail we work too.
Each wedding, party or production is different. Everybody wants to put their own mark on it and highlight their ideas within the event concepts. Now let’s be honest here, there are only so many ways to theme a marquee, drape a hotel room or decorate a beach front for an outside wedding! BUT it’s the tiny little details that make the biggest differences and this is key to a unique event.
For instance, you will find it very hard to hire a white PA system in Portugal but even more so in the Algarve and then you will find it nearly impossible to hire a high-end, rider friendly, professional PA system in white (which seems crazy to us as we were doing this for years back in the UK ) and its generally what people want at a wedding as the idea is everything has to match the décor (most weddings in the Algarve are based around a white theme)
Likewise try and hire a white starlit LED dance floor bigger than 16ft x 16ft and again you will struggle with this. Most weddings now want large white light up floors with their names or initials laid over the top as it’s a great center piece, (monogram weddings is another term offered used for this style of lettering) as we all know this draws your guests to the dance floor. We stock multiple white LED dance floors and can supply these up to 45ft x 45ft squared! That’s a HUGE floor.
So now tell me where you can hire just the above two items along with matching white LED furniture, white LED poser tables and LED bars? Well we are the rental company that does stock all of this in house plus the lighting, power distribution via our own 100KVA ”FG Wilson” silent generator sets and let’s not forget the huge stock of AV equipment we hold (please see our price list page for individual item pricing)
We hire out 50” to 85” AV smart screens, 12.5mm to 3,2mm pitch LED video wall, festival stages from 6m x 4m to our largest which is a 12m x 10m arc roof system which has SWL in the roof of just under 4000kg so if you want to put on a huge production outside or you’re planning a product launch there is no better way to impress your clients.
Let’s move over to the custom hand drape solutions we provide allowing you to cover an area inside or outside with a unique ability to transform a room / space or venue to look completely different from the start (not an easy task and a lot of the time companies underestimate just what is need to achieve the right look & feel.
The Algarve Event Planners holds over 100 wireless LED uplighters which are also fully IP rated allowing you to position and place them where ever you want or where ever is needed. These wireless LED uplighters can be supplied in white, black, gold, silver or chrome and all have full RGBWA colour mixing facilities allowing us to give you the right feel & look at your wedding or event. Same goes for the custom stages we supply…. We can supply you with a custom stage design and cover the stage in any colour you require which brings us back to our first point about the extra detail & services a good production should offer allowing you to achieve any look & feel you want.
We could carry on & continue to list everything we do but please check our hire equipment list / services supplied page and if you have any questions or can’t see what you’re looking for please call or email us and we will be able to solve your problems / answer your questions.
The short answer is yes but let us explain a little quicker how this works. Back in the UK we came up with the concept of the ”Ipod speaker hire package” which meant we would deliver and setup a high end (we stock the world class and world-renowned d&b Audiotechnik Q series speaker systems) speaker system at your house with smart / intelligent lighting that recognises the beat of the music thus giving you a high-end lighting show and audio experience at a fraction of the cost of having production crew stay on site.
All you do is plug your Iphone, Ipad / Ipod, DJ mixer or laptop (basically anything with an audio output) into our control system, select the tracks you want off your device and your party is off – Simple, smart and a cost-effective way for small events to have grade A audio and lighting at your event. A lot of our customers having summer parties or smaller weddings in the Algarve opt for this option with some LED uplighters dotted around the venue and then have us supply them a white LED dance floor along with a few LED poser tables / seating around the pool.
We are completely flexible when it comes to what you want to hire, please don’t think that we only deal with super large wedding & events as this is just not true. We believe that you should be supplied a high-end service & be supplied high-end equipment regardless of the size of or type of event. A good example is when the golf tournaments & racing all start and the Algarve is flooded with friends, family visiting and of course the extra added tourism all wanting to watch these events outside, maybe in their own villa on a 4K HD screen with a discreet sound system hidden away…. not a problem. Hire an ultra 4K 80” screen and surround sound system for just under €700 for the whole weekend delivered and then packed away.
Hopefully this explains that we take on all size of events with complete flexibility.
Very common question and rightly so. We have all heard the horror stories of the customer paying X amount for a rental company to supply X amount of equipment and never showing up, turning up with the wrong or different equipment & we have even heard of people just running off with the money. Crazy stuff…..
Ok well let me try and put your mind at ease here. We didn’t grow one of the largest sound & lighting companies over 18 years to then throw it all away by ripping people off. Infact we have helped so many people who have been let down last min and panic that nothing can be done yet we still find a way to put on a fantastic show something within just a few days of the event taking place.
To protect yourselves and us a contract is drawn up explaining what services will be supplied, the deadline we need to work to along with a full comprehensive backdown of the equipment being supplied. Once both parties are happy with the terms a 25% deposit is due with the remaining 75% payable before the event takes place.
If you’re another hire company and you’re looking to dry hire equipment from us we will need to see proof of insurance and conduct a credit / trading check against the said company. Even in this case we only offer 7 day payment terms.
Good question but depends on the time of the year. If you’re looking at hiring a 20ft x 20ft white LED dance floor for your wedding in June, July or August in the Algarve your need to be letting us know roughly 3 months ahead of the wedding (BUT having said that we have had phone calls from customers just a few days before they are meant to land for a wedding asking if we can supply a floor) and we have found a way to make it work…. One thing we will never do is over stretch ourselves as what we offer is a very personal tailored service and if we were to just throw kit out on hire we would end up losing the reputation we have strived to achieve over many years.
This depends on the level of production and service you’re booking but you will always have direct contact with all the members of our team and for weddings / larger productions we make sure you deal directly with your production team leader which of course means they are there on the day of your event. For smaller equipment hire (we call this ”wet hire”) you will deal with one person for the planning and booking of the equipment while a team member who has your hire details & requirements on file will install the kit.
Again, this depends on the level of production you’re looking for. If it’s a simple hire then a site visit isn’t necessary. When we are undertaking the full event production of course this can’t be done without a detailed site visit. Once we have spoken on the phone and exchanged a few ideas / got a rough outline of what is required we like to meet face to face at the venue to discuss things further, we don’t charge for this service or any other site visit unless you’re looking to have sound & lighting equipment permanently installed I.E a nightclub or hotel venue but this is very rare.
If you’re opening up a new music venue, bar or sports club and you’re looking to rent AV equipment long term we can help but we don’t sell equipment as such (sorry we can’t do it all) If you have a concept in mind and would like to talk to us about your sound, staging or lighting needs please feel free to contact us via email or phone – All our details can be found on the contact us page. Please bear in mind that installing equipment into a venue requires a lot of planning and time, we suggest giving yourselves about 6 – 9 months to plan, install and sign off the project.
The last question but maybe the most important one for you to ask yourself…… All we can do is show you the level of work we have undertaken over the last 20 years while explaining the expertise we have in these fields. When we started our company, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest & only perform the highest of standards, we have worked very hard over the years to maintain a fantastic working relationship with many companies and individuals.
If you want a company who can deliver on the quality of sound / lighting for your special occasion but at a reasonable, affordable cost then you have come to the right place – The Algarve Event Planners.
The level of sound, lighting, AV and special effects we stock is not only large but we have only invested in the best of the best when it comes to the choice of brands we should stock. Mix this with knowledge & a long proven track record and this is why we believe we have the right formula.
Email us to discuss your requirements